#A-3676 The Fisherman (airing 6/26-7/3 2021)

UNSHACKLED! Radio Show: Episodes:
#A-3641 The Enemy Within (airing 10/25-10/31/2020)
#A-3643 Rosemarie Florio (airing 11/8/-11/14/2020)
#A-3630 Amy Blackwell Part 2 (airing 8/9-8/15 2020
#A-3624 Jack Eisenbaugh
#3610 Brenda Bickford
#3617 & #3618 Denise Shick (Parts 1 & 2)
Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap
Understudying/PERFORMED the role of Mrs. Boyle
Metropolis Performing Arts Center
January - March 2019
​Plain Jane
 IFP - SAG-AFTRA Chicago 
Feature Film Screenplay Table Read
Thumbs UP
2018 Short Film
Under the Weather
2018 Short Film
Left ByThe Wayside
2018 Short Film
2017 Short Film 

Taped UNSHACKLED! radio program #3498:
The True Story of Mary DeMuth
Airing Jan. 28-Feb 3, 2018

Taped UNSHACKLED! radio program #A-3482:
 The True Story of Mark Scheppele
Airing Oct 8 - Oct 14, 2017

View The Helsings indie 
TRAILER here:  The Helsings Trailer

1st place award winning short UnOrthodox screened before all of the films for this year's JCC Film Fest (Jewish Film Fest Chicago)! More info:  http://www.jccchicago.org

Watch the trailer for the 
SAG short: UnOrthodox here:

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