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The Absent Fitting, by Steven Summers is a short film surrounding a simple moment when two lives cross. Through polite conversation and coquettish movements, two characters open a subtle dialogue on the ideas of what it means to be alone, youth and the search of fulfillment in life.
The Calvin Lewis Bobby Mayfair Show(s), a short film by Will Clinger.
"Two talk show hosts are forced to share the same studio, crew and guests, and find themselves in an increasingly intense struggle to establish supremacy."
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The Wrong Man, a short film by Thomas Pace.
"In this complicated and dangerous world, the enemy comes in many forms, and is often in the places you'd least expect to find him."  --FDR
Rain, Rain, a short film by Thomas Pace. 
"A woman struggles with depression after a traumatic event." 
UnOrthodox, a short film by Josh Perry.  "All is not kosher for an Orthodox Jewish family when a graduate student brings home his new girlfriend for Shabbat dinner." 
WORD, produced by a generous grant from Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall, this comedy pilot is set in 1998 and follows former spelling bee champion Amber Giggins, as she tries to find her way as a freshman in high school, and re-define herself during this new chapter of her life.